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    I am writing this trying to understand what the female riders are up to. I was out on a ride today and on the road I rode by a female rider and waved, no response. I came up onto a slower car and I slowed and pulled in behind her. She immediately moved behind the slow car! WTF? I work with mostly women because I am a registered nurse and I am comfortable with them. I have asked several women, who have their own bikes, to ride and only had a few answers and one who actually rode with me. I picked female riders with their own bikes to ride with me because. Most don't drive bar to bar and get drunk, they enjoy just the ride, don't want to race, tell stories on how many women they have been with, don't rev their engines
    at intersections or next to women.
    So: I want every female rider on this site and others: I AM ONLY LOOKING FOR RIDING BUDDIES AND NOTHING ELSE. I don't want to have a relationship with you, I don't want to get into your pants, etc. I just want a riding buddy who is confident and happy with herself, not a guy who is in competition with himself and others.

    So that is that
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    Na, I like to race, go fast, rev my motor, and do wheelies.....
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    me too
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    I would ride with you