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    I have heard the comment Biker Wanna Be so many times that I am wondering what truly constitutes a real biker from a Biker Wanna Be..I suppose if you go back in history you can say the Red and White are the only bikers-the rest are just wanna be's-which would make anyone who isnt one of the boys a wanna be. Myself, I figure a wanna be biker is someone who keeps thinking about buying a bike and getting in the groove as opposed to the person who actually does get the bike gets in the groove only to discover that the only wannabes are the Angels as they started the whole era..However, these guys took it further-didnt they, they became the real deal../.and aint that what its all about...Hell, I guess I am a wannabe til I can get my own bike..for now if you ask me I will tell ya, baby the blood runs with the red and white and if you can come on over and rescue me from the demon status quo...I will show you all my wanna be garb-better yet, put it on, jump on your bike-and maybe even you..So biker shmiker, wanna be not-everyone who persues whats inside is someone who went out and grabbed what was theirs...which aint no wannabe-its doin it and doin it right...

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    Here is my opinion of what a "Biker wanna Be" is

    This is someone who buys a harley or expensive custom and wears all the clothes, boots, chain wallet, bandana and only rides it to the bar on sunday an maybe puts 2,000 miles a year on the bike. They do it for the image only not the the ride.

    These are the folks that have no idea why a biker has a chain wallet and a dew rag. They are clueless that the chain is functional, not for looks and the dew rag is to protect them from the sun.

    wanna bes are the folks that want the image, but with out actually living the life style. They also are called RUBs....

    I look at it this way if you ride and the reason you ride is to enjoy the experience then you are a biker, if you are just doing it to be cool then you are a wannabe.

    Best too all
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    FLSTF, you are right on the mark. I have thousands and thousands of miles on mostly BMW's. Now that I am retired, I am doing all the riding I can take. But, I must admit, I can't take the 1000 miles in one day any more. And I want more comfort. So, I guess I am now an enthusiast, more than a hard core biker. BUT, I still enjoy just riding and riding.

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    dont plan on joining any group-rather plan on joining up with those people I might have something in common with-being someones or a group of many-s property is not in the horizon
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    Hey, Gypsie,

    This is JMO - but what group a person wants to associate with has nothing to do with whether or not they are "real" bikers. Perhaps, 1%er is the term that should be used to distinguish between those who belong to MC's and those who are unaffiliated real bikers?
    Probably all 1%ers are real bikers but not all real bikers are 1%ers. There are many more "real" bikers out there than there are 1%'ers.
    Lots of people have ridden their own bikes in every kind of road and weather condition, they have iron butts and literally have hundreds of thousands of miles in the saddle and they aren't afraid of standing up for what they believe in. They are real bikers and I admire them. They rather ride their bike than be in a cage no matter what the conditions are. Most don't and won't belong to an MC and many prefer to ride alone.
    To say that they aren't "real" bikers is an injustice and I think that the founders of Harley Davidson would agree with me. They have fought the 1%er image a long time. It's a bit ironic that Harleys are the bikes that nearly all members of major MC and 1%er groups ride, at least in the USA.

    The truth is that I DON'T "wanna be" a "real, die hard biker! I am a "bike enthusiaist". I like to enjoy my ride time and be comfortable! When it is 35 degrees out or raining hard or the cross wind is causing me to lay my bike half way over, when my hands and feet are freezing ...THAT ain't my idea of enjoyment! I have ridden miles of gravel roads - NOT fun for me!
    I am very fortunate to own my own Harley. I've been riding for 3 years and have about 20,000 miles in the saddle, wish it were more. I do love riding but admit to being a fair weather rider when I can be. I got to do my first road trip this year! 3,000 miles and a couple of 550 mile days. The difference between me and a "real" biker? A real biker will ride in nearly every sort of conditions and love it! I'll ride in poor conditions - but I don't wanna!

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    by the way nice ride
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    This question is always being asked. And i guess if you want to join a club you have put alot of thought into. Do you know that if you join a large club you no longer have an identity? Women are considered property. So you may not be a biker after all just property of a biker. Good luck.