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Posted on May 15, 2006 at 08:43 AM

to those who commented on my ~Wow~ post regarding my son and Granddaughter. I wish you all only the best in life. Thank you Rescue! Michael, Thank you, I just write, whatever?s on my mind at the moment. ;) GoodKarma, Thanks so much, I feel very fortunate to now be able to share & spoil my new little girl! LadyDragon, Thank you, Lexi is pretty sweet, but feisty like her old Grammy. I just got to teach her though that Harley's aren't a bad thing! She will learn! LoL or not like her Grammy in leather! Nichole, you want a child? I have a 14 year old I am sometimes wanting to donate for the cause ;-) The cause, although this 1 is for the most part good, he?s still testing his wings. I always wanted to rent my sons out to those considering having children, now what a birth control method that would be. ROFL! Thank you so much for the kind comments. IrishRose, Lexi is the best present I got for my birthday, there isn?t a day since that I haven?t smiled. Thank you very much! My son, while getting the respect he so deserves about got floored when he received the child support payment. I warned him, they [the system] don?t give a crap about how he will live, but they will make sure that baby is taken care of. Thank you lawgirl, I am definitely proud of my son. Thanks so much Kish! Gemeni, we can only hope that more men would be like my son. I am very proud on him! Milbrat, Thank you! Paula, Thank you.. adorable and ornery all rolled up in 1 small package. Even though I have sons, I think it is very important that they had a Dad figure to look up to. I think my 'friends' for filling in those spots, when the real 'dad's' didn't step up to the life.

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