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Kid's Only?

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Someone made a comment the other day that Christmas was for kid's. Well I informed them that I am someones kid.Aren't they?Aren't you?I went to the most beautiful Christmas mass.And I was reminded that Christmas is everyday when it comes to giving and being in the house of the Lord.But I am kindly confused here I really like to get worked up in praying and talking of the Almighty,But does one really need to be in a church?I mean I believe that religion was created to control the masses,in the crusade times the "church" would go forth and massacre people in the name of religion,so how does ME going prove or help me?I dunno maybe someone could enlighten me? that's all...Thanks,and Merry Christmas...

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High five Junie!!! It was 8 or so for me "asking to many questions" being Labeled a Christian or a Biker don't make you

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Same here Spiritvtwin, anytime anywhere, but mostly when I'm with my patients for them to get well

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Just another thought. The church is to build and edify each other. Never to put down but to help each other. That is were some have been misled that they are the only ones right. Who is right? That is not for me to judge. But to have the feeling for your Lord deep in your heart will keep you with a special feeling.

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Thank you for all the wisdom.Each and everyone of you (and you know who you are) have given me a LOT to ponder on,and that's pretty much all I am doing these day's...Pondering the words of God. I am so trying hard to live up to the potentials that he(God) has given me,and everyone who "helps" me along the way is never far from my thoughts and prayers.It is a struggle for me,I don't want to ever fall back into the life that I shed...And shed it I did..there is always two to one everyone who tells me to be strong wanting me back to a life of..of...emptiness,yes that's what it is "a life of emptiness"..Well I am keeping the faith knowing I don't want to fail and thank you all again for the enlightenment,Happy New Year to all.Katie

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The "Church" according to Christ and the new testament is those that believe in Him. Religion in my opinion is all the different Churches built by man with mans rules. My Church built by man is my Harley and I pray there every chance I get. otherwise I carry on a conversation with my Lord anywhere and anytime.. Just one Bikers opinion.....

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Talking religion can be a very touchy to many people. I cannot force how I feel on anyone. I can give my opinion but how you would accept that is up to you. I feel he is always listening. You don't have to be some place special all though some people prefer a quite place to worship. I used to go to a church that would only preach once a year on giving to the church. Otherwise they keep a basket at the rear of the church by the door. On the basket was a sign "If you were fed then feed the church". If you are getting some value from your going to church by all means go and feed the church in return. I listen to several ministry programs on the radio and support them. Not sure if this is what you meant. Just a little on how I feel, the rest is between you and your Lord.

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Katie....No you do not need to be in church to talk with the Lord. There is a difference between being religious and being godly. Religion was developed by the Sadducee's and Pharisees and rejected truth. Religion is structured and aims to control. But the B I B L E =(Basic instructions before leaving earth) Was given to us as a Manuel. A love letter, prophecy, history book and what will take place in the future. Yes religious leaders want control. But Jesus Christ came to set the captive FREE. You might try to attend a bible teaching church where you are educated in the WORD, not religious rituals or get a Bible that you can understand, King James Version is a little difficult and the Holy Spirit will give you revelation knowledge. Christmas is NOT just for kids. It's about the most important birthday in world history. Hope this helps

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I go to Church because it is like an amplifier for me. That many people worshiping God. It makes the Spirit more present for me. The Pastor teaches me. explaining the word of God. Putting together different parts of the Bible. So I understand the word. Part of what he taught me is not to confuse religion with the Holy Spirit. The Pharisees had religion up to their eyeballs. Don't talk to this person, don't work on the Sabbath etc. They were so caught up in the law. That they lost sight of the Spirit. Love, tolerance and helping.

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