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making a choice

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I am constantly hearing about this thing called bi-polar! is it something like depression? when prozac came out doctors were quick to prescribe it to everyone and anyone with little or no real testing,I know, I was with a man that thought that I was depressed, so I go and tell the doc. that my husband thinks I'm depressed, and he gives me prozac...just like that so for 8 months I was...I was...let's just say "not my self".I finally stopped taking it and after 9 years I got rid of my "depression". so after a few year's, yes a few years,I have come to realize that I'm not freakin depressed I'm freakin disapointed!!!In some of the choices I made and from some of the choices that were made for me!!!and the men may find that hard to believe(choices made for me thing) but the women on here will understand well!so again, what's up with this bi-polar stuff..I really would like a "from the street"answer..thanks p.s.what would one take for disappointment?

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Hi Katie, my friend has the disorder and her husband is going through hell. He is very very sensitive to her emotional turmoil, however, it has taken it's toll on him. She'll call me with a very cheerful voice, high pitched, excited. Then that same evening she'll call depressed, low pitched voice, so down. She is outgoing one moment, then all to herself the next, will not go grocery shopping or any other place without her husband. It is very sad to see someone with this disorder. She is like two different personalities. He never knows who will be waiting at home for him. Unfortunately they are divorcing, but everyone who knows the situation understands the reasons.

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Members Only something you want...makes you smile...fornicate what anyone else says or thinks.....;p

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That's pretty much it in a nut shell. You talk about mood swings woo. Like flipping the light switch. I lived with a bipolar for a while and most of the time was ok. But when it kicked in it was loving and kissing and touching to Tasmanian devil in 10 seconds or less. Some do do well with meds others seems to make it worse and it can make them distant and kill sexual/intimacy drive which make it real hard to stay close and cuddled up tight at night! Hope this helps. Run a search in goggle sure you will find mega amounts of stuff about it

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Well Ms AG and Katie....I'm no Phd or Guru but just a humble biker....the simple solution to a lot of modern ailments is a 50/50 solution of "reality" and "faith in yourself". Do a heads-up on who you are and what you want out of life and you will discover that maybe you'd set the reality bar at the wrong level. I see it everywhere - very few people are happy with their lot in life..."well, change something" and get on with it - it's up to you...Ladies!

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By-polar disorder was originally called manic-depression. The world around us grows more complex each year, triggering some to feel as though they are losing control, of their lives, children, emotions, etc.,etc. There are pressures now which didn't exist in my world as I was growing up, admittedly. Your doctor can spend limited time with each patient do to the pressure he has to see, 'donno, maybe twelve patients per hour, each and every day. Prozac and similar drugs are effective for many people in relieving the feelings of anxiety manifested by our ever-more-complicated world. These drugs in general make you "care less", about everything unfortunately. Your busy doctor uses them, by widely dispursing them, as a tool to "help" the general public deal with the complexities of life cost effectively.

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I have wondered about that myself. I have gone through the up's and down's. Happy when I have a mate. depressed when I don't. finally realize,I was depending on external things.For my moods.Or buy new things to FIX ME. Bummed out?buy another motorcycle. or hook up with the first women that will have me. These are short term fixes. Finn ally figured out that if you depend on another person to make you happy.You are not going to be a very happy person.People will always let you down. God will never let you down though. I guess what I am saying is I couldn't be fixed by external things What I had to fix,was me spiritually.

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Bi-Polar Disorder is the "new" correct name for Manic Depressive. It is a real psychological disorder where some people experience super "manic" highs and then suddenly swing to extreme "depression" even suicidal tendencies. It can be controlled through medication and therapy but many people who suffer from it have problems with the meds as they tend to make you feel "foggy" or "disconnected" and sometimes they decide that they don't need the meds any more if they have been on them awhile without a "bad spell". I know all of this because it runs in my family and I have a half-sister who suffers from it and doesn't medicate. If you ever saw the episode of ER a few years ago with Sally Fields playing the mother of one of the nurses, that was an extreme case of Bi-Polar Disorder. (she did an awesome job, too - gave me chills as it reminded me of my sis a little too much!) Also the Jeremy Sisto on Six Feet Under (Brenda's Brother) as a good example on TV that you might have seen. They can have other problems as well and often use drugs or alcohol to "self medicate". That's sort of a nutshell answer anyway. You can search the internet for more info. P.S. If you find the cure for disappointment, please pass it along! :)

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