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Ritual for determining one's fate in life

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There is said to be an ancient Indian ritual that would foretell a young man's fate in battle as he became of age to wage war. Although the general idea behind the ritual has been known for quite some time, it wasn't until relatively recently that any actual record could be found. This is primarily due to the lack of written records kept by any of the Indian tribes. In the late 1990's, students from the Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, discovered artifacts and written documentation (as recorded three generations removed) describing this ritual as performed by the Conestoga (Kanastoge, "at the place of the immersed pole" ) people, an important Iroquoian tribe. This tribe lived along the Susquehanna river and its branches and were in alliance with the Algonquian tribes of the east shore of the Chesapeake bay. They were a warlike tribe and possessed a physique far superior to that of all the other neighboring tribes. They were said to be successful in battle due to the strength and bravery of their warriors. Warriors that were chosen in accordance with the ritual at hand. At the appropriate age, most likely between the ages of 14 and 17, the youth would be brought before the village to perform the ritual and determine his fate in battle. The youth would be disrobed completely and placed inside a ring of firewood and brush. Once the ring was lit and ablaze, at the command of the tribal chief, the youth would begin chanting the sacred phrase to awaken the gods and determine the young man's fate. If the ring of fire was visible in reflection within the youth's eyes, it was a sign he was strong and ready for battle. If there was no reflection, he would fulfill lesser roles and not be permitted to enter into battle. Seeing as there was great honor in battle, the outcome of the ritual was of the utmost importance. For nearly three centuries the details of this ritual and the exact phrase had been lost. Once rediscovered, psychologists and scientists began running a series of tests to determine the basis, if any, for the claims of foretelling one's lot in life. Although scientific proof of religious beliefs and existential matters is often difficult or impossible to come by, there were many anecdotal successes throughout the trials. Seems scientists and psychologists couldn't agree on the imposition of outside factors influencing the outcome of the trials, so no official benefit could be determined in the studies. In other words, you couldn't keep a human in a bubble without influence from the outside world to determine their fate in life. The anecdotal evidence seemed enough to spurn a cult-like following of this ritual on college campuses, which in many cases resembled hazing rituals performed by many fraternities and sororities anyway. In modern times the ritual is said to be effective in determining one's fortune in life and is reportedly effective for both men and women at an age of adolescence or beyond. The ancient ritual has been adapted to modern times, but reportedly, the directions must be followed to the letter to achieve accurate results. Although I'm not certain to the validity of the exercise and I recognize the fact that it can be equated to the modern day "snipe hunt", I will describe the ritual to you in full, along with any materials needed for its performance. The ritual can be performed as intended, in front of others, or in private, with minor modifications for someone performing it solo. Due to the requirement of complete nudity, the choice is a personal matter that would hinge upon one's own comfort level and the particular company involved. Materials needed for both the traditional method and the solo method include candles, enough to encircle one performing the ritual in a traditional method or enough for a semi-circle for the solo practitioner, and tables, counters, or stands to place the lit candles at waist height. For the solo practitioner, a large mirror will be necessary so that the practitioner can view himself/herself while performing the ritual. The ritual was traditionally performed at night and is said to be most accurate if done so in modern times. I would assume this is due to the darkness necessary for the candlelight to provide enough illumination, so I'm not certain if artificial darkness would suffice or not. In the end, it is again a choice of the individual practitioner. It is difficult to determine the correct number of candles due to varying sizes and structures involved, just be certain to have "enough" to cast an ample amount of light. I would avoid using candles housed in votives of colored glass. Once the candles are lit and placed in a circle (semi circle for solo practitioner) the subject performing the ritual is to disrobe completely and step into the circle. The traditional method would have the practitioner facing the observing parties while the solo practitioner would face the mirror to allow him/her to see their own reflection. Once in place, the practitioner should recite the following incantation, slowly at first, but gaining in speed as the phrase is repeated. I've provided a phonetic key in parenthesis to assist in the proper pronunciation: Ei (eye) Yahm (yam) Sophe (sofa) Kengh (king) Wi (we) Tah (ta) Ded (did) After repeating the phrase several times at an ever faster pace, the observing parties (or the solo practitioner) should be able to see the person's fate in life within their eyes. Personally I believe the incantation to be highly accurate, but I'll leave the final judgment to each of you individually. I just hope you enjoy the exercise.

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SexC - Wish I could have been there.

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ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........................Reel me in! You got me hook , line sinker hell anchor! That was great! Thank you for the big dumass smile it put on my face! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaha.........

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Members Only order for the "scientific" slash psychologists to even think about agreeing on the this subject, they would , I assume, have to have a "control group" upon which to make thier hypothesis .....well.....concrete, (for want of a better word) In the end, the incantation: "Eye yam soe fuk in re tar dead" should quell the thirst of ANY nay-sayers. (blink) You rULE \w/

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