I'm Back!

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Thanks Lorraine! It appears that you are on Mildred's bad side also!
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Actually I didn't remove anything! I just figured Mildred or Dinah Tammy probably cried to the blog nazi's like they always do!
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Wow, NN, I replied with one sentence, and you replied with paragraphs! Guess I'm still on your mind!
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1 year ago
Well Well...
Seems I missed the party.
It's a sick state of affairs to attack people who aren't active here anymore. And,it definitly shows your true colors. What's the matter Phil,did your penis growth
treatments fail you?
Did the Dominatrix who usually kicks your ass quit her job,and you felt the need to come here to get your cyber ass kicked?

Ohhhhh and lookie who chimed in and welcomed you back.
Hello Lorraine.
I see your still at the Mardi Gras.

Pity you 2 never got it on together.
errrrrrrr... But... Then again... Maybe you did...
How ironic you both are here!
Just one person missing outta the Un-dynamic Trio.

I just love reunions!
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Well they are not cowards or peevish or rise to spite. I put a response blog up round here and it has been removed.

And Philerup has removed himself. PooF!! Like a Genie ina bottle.

God its dead round here. Expect to see sage bush rolling through the bloogs and swinging abandoned bar gates. Brit 80s song goes

"This town is coming like a Ghost town."

Keep your dignity. Don't answer to silly bogs or respnd to silly men.

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Hi, good to see ya back