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its complicated

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Posted on Apr 10, 2017 at 11:53 AM Total posts: 11

everybody has exs i just happen to live with 1

this is not the 1st time 

i have done it sucessfully once b4 but that was after th fact

this time its concurrent

that does not mean i would entertain a man here 

it means i would try to be discreet

it means i would not try to rub his face in it even though i dont care for him anymore

some times u have to go with the flow

i am very clear that i have it good in many way other than romance and love

if i were to become serious it would b a long time b4 i would throw this away

having household needs met is a very important thing and

i would want a guy i date to understand this and keep it discreet or

they r not my guy

this is what i call up front and not necessarily telling the whole true the whole truth

and nothing but the truth but

not starting trouble either


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Posted on Apr 11, 2017 at 05:16 AM Total posts: 11

It takes a day for this to post but i thought i would get at least 1 reply because if I saw this topic I sure would have commented. Whenever I see this in a profile, being a woman, that this guy has a girlfriend,or 2, or more and is just playimg the field, right? But if I say "It's complicated", they will think, "Oh her husband has cancer and is on death's door.

So 'it's complicated can mean soooo many things I would like to know what you all think or what it is in your life.

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