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Together in the Weather-for friends who ride all year

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Posted on Jul 02, 2013 at 08:25 PM Total posts: 1

The morning is breaking don't you know,  One more cup of coffee before I go. 

My thermos fixed full of joe. The weathers crisp we had some snow.

I'll brush the bike off before I go. Pile on the gear coat and such, when I'm riding its way to much.


The weatherman says freezing outside. But I can't feel it when I ride. The coldness in the air seems to subside.

Maybe I'm just feeling gratified.

I don't care much what degrees, this is my ride and it feels my needs.

I don't have it for show and tell, I ride all year long, we get along well.

Some people look for perfect weather.  But me and my ride we do it together. 

Through rain, sleet and snow,  I will get there don't you know. 

When summer hits it's a plus. But to me and my ride its not a must.

All you have to do is adjust. The looks you get some in disgust. 

I just look at them and thrust. She's the only one I trust. 

Some say its a wonderlust. I just say it's a must.Together




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Posted on Feb 11, 2014 at 09:32 PM Total posts: 5

Nice read !!!!! :)

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