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now and then, I come back to these blogs...
not as much said as I wish to read, but still
any motorcycle talk is something close to me.

as far as the dating aspect of here...only met a few people online,
and at least one in person!

another year...
took a few big ride to sturgis, but I pulled a little one down to Iowa, checked out some hippies and hooligans!
it was great to meet some really talented builders,
and we're going to have a local little get together...
for members of the IMBA

not sure what that means, but I know Ron Finch will be there, and that guy is a mind blower of a genius!
I think his "third eye" must have been put there by Von Dutch!

also snuck in a tour of the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa..
nice place, and even has the only original, ( tho restored ) Captain America...authenticated by Peter Fonda.

saw a couple Motor Maids while I was there...and I don't really know what it is..but girls who ride just turn me on!

summer is winding down..tho far from over! and I'll be beating foot trying to make the most of it before old man what's his name blows into town
projects are backing up..the chopper was supposed to be done last July,
and it only needs a few things, but if I don't add oil and fuels, she can reside in the living room this winter ( X-mas tree? ) while the next one goes on the building box, another 58.

I guess I got's not done, and I'm too far into the next one mentally,
little like the last little love of my life,
she's nearly gone, and I'm dreaming of the next one!

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