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Terms of Service...are listed right above this box for adding a blog.  I did not break any of your rules and yet you removed an entry that I made on my own thread?  REALLY?

Censorship at its finest!   Is this an American owned and based company?  does anyone know?

Has anyone actually MET and DATED anyone from here?

Why am I feeling like the 'trouble maker' here today?

So now I am frustrated that I have not met anyone from here, spending my money on what I thought was a "dating" site, to be checked out by women and NOW I get censored!   LOL  Could have stayed on the OTHER DATING SITES.....GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Have a nice day!


Ride safe!


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I am just a "lurker" on here...seems like most everyone is far away and not interested in really meeting and riding.  Wishing you all the best!

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Hi ........Im new here....well been here awhile and haven't spent the M/ship fee on here yet.  Seems alot of posts are very old on the Blog/Forum i'm wondering whether to or not?  I'm guessing too that if your pics are still up that you are still around also?  

Im happy to chat on here to anybody that wants to and hope to make new friends that love the Biker life!  I know I do and would find it unusual, to say the least, to find guys that don't ride.  

I live in Australia which is too far to go for a ride with any of you in the USA lols. One day i'll get over there.

I must say its been amusing to read some of the blogs, especially where guys were teasing each other about their rides LOL.

Take it easy everyone, 


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yep, what fromthefarm said. I used to come here and comment all the time, and the blogs used to be fun until they took away even the slightest slip of the tongue, or anything that might offend someone. Everyone fun left, and dont come back often.

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THANK YOU for responding!   I felt like I was talking to myself!

   :(    So, until I get that one going, I guess I am stuck here! 

I guess I can get my blogging shoes on and see if I can drum up some additional interest...


Giddy up!

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I have met a few great friends on here but the way they are running this site has run us off. I still get on to see if there is any activity.
We used to get 20 or more new blogs a day. Now about 1 a week. You would think they would get the hint.