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the bikers ten commandments

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The Ten Commandments!

1) The one true vehicle is the motorcycle, and thou shalt put no other vehicles before it.

2) Thou shalt not bow down and worship nor serve the God of Chrome; for, lo, he is a false god and will not get thy butt home.

3) Honor thy authorized dealer and the motorcycles they sell, (yeah right) and that thy days may be long and fruitful in the land of riding.

4) Remember the weekend, and keep it open. For it is written, fives days shalt thou labor, and for two days shalt thou ride thy bike, drink beer, and have some FUN,

(Damn why does it only have to be two days, already have broken that commandment...LOL)

5) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's bike, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his cute ole lady or ole man.

6) From the throne of thy two wheeled contrivance, thou shalt hail all thy biker brethren no matter what they are seated upon (....even if it is a Triumph) - let those who ride decide.

7) Thou shalt not pass by nor turn away from thy brother/sister biker who is mechanical distress.

8) Thou shalt not pose. Verily, I say onto you, it is easier for a poser to pass his/her gold Visa card through the eye of a needle than to enter into the true fellowship of motorcycle heaven.

9) When riding thy sled on the Road of Life, thou shalt not whine nor snivel, and thou shalt not suffer to ride alongside those who do.

10) Park not thy bike in the darkness of thine garage, that it may collect dust for want of being oft ridden. Ride thy motorcycle with thy biker brethren, and rejoice in the spirit of the road and the wind.

Take care and ride safe you all,
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i was on the side of the road yesterday and a kind harted man on a motorcycle stopped to help me . he was awesome.
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There was a time when all Bikers stop for all Bikers. But that was before big money came in to the Biker world

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hello! :)

#7...while coming back from the Twister last summer, the person I was with battery took a crap...
we were on the side of a road, safe,on a corner in a small town on the Wisconsin Michigan border.
a group of dressers came by in "formation"...a half dozen or better...all coupled up...they must have had intercoms on, because NOT ONE even looked at us! ( " don't look guys...they might want us to help!" )

who stopped and helped...a young man in a truck...and an older couple stopped and asked if we needed anything in a van..

maybe they will understand some brotherhood when their leathers aren't so new and shiny :(