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fake and fearful

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there is thousands of single people. most who have not taken the time to heal. and never move on with life and living. so y come to a date site ? if u have not taking the time to heal ?. it is seen over n over on date site . most r ether "players" or to fearful to live ! this wastes the time of us whom have healed and ready to live ! !

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I get what you're saying.  But my divorce won't be final for a couple weeks and I'm on here.  That's not to say my actual marriage hasn't been over for a while. I see getting out and JUST dating/having fun as part of my healing after being mentally depressed/oppressed for so long.  That being said, the amount of "players" I see is surprising.  Some I'm like "Oh, no sweetie, no way."  

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I wonder how many people are actually looking for someone or just on a site to see what is out there. I am a fairly conservative person but love to have a good time.

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Hey Jemma I never really thought it was that involed for some, Im here to have some Fun with like minded people, Maybe that is part of healing for some? Interesting view?