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Bikerkiss, your too lame to even get why this plac is a ghost town, unlike how it used to be. we had blogs with hundreds of posters almost daily, and now look at it.  


This is the reason why:


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i didnt say any bad language or post anything bad or mean , it was just something that didnt make bikerkiss look like a great place. I know you wont let this go through and thats fine, but just think about all the money that was lost by running everyone off.

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1 year ago Total posts: 1

I agree.  

I subscribed and haven’t seen any new posts since I joined.  

Just guys online trying to find a female riding partner

and wondering where the gals are hiding.

Bikerkiss is a lonely website.

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1 year ago

I gotta say, I have been on this site for anout 3 weeks as a Premium subscriber and have sent out dozens of messages and nothing in return. I am feeling I wasted a hundred bucks here! I think most if not all the women’s profiles are outdated and no longer monitored by the women who submitted them! Very unsatisfied!