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When the Harley's start up, I want to jump on

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I hadn't been on Bikerkiss for a long time but got a short e-mail from a nice gentleman who probably saw a very old picture of me and not much information. It made me start thinking about how much I've missed bike riding. The weather has cooled off and many of my neighbors in Mesa ride cycles. Within a couple houses, there are two different families with Harleys. Every time one starts up, I know it's not a Honda!! And lots of times I'm wishing I was going along.

My first motorcycle ride was on my grandfather's Indian back in 1952 when I was three. The story goes that my mother was gone to town at that time or I never would have been allowed on the back of that bike. I've loved to ride ever since. About eight years ago, when I broke up with the rider of a 100th Anniversary Harley, I decided I was going to get something of my own to ride. I learned on a small scooter, then graduated to a 150 scooter that looked like a motorcycle, those Vespa looking things just wouldn't do. It was red and shiny. It was fun to ride, but not having anyone to ride with and nowhere to really go, I eventually sold it. 

The rider of the Anniversay edition was originally a very safe rider, and I enjoyed many charity bike rides, even going out on July 4th in 110 degree heat. He developed health problems that required lots of medication. He didn't stop riding, but he started drinking more at the biker bars on top of the medication, I felt it was no longer safe to ride on his bike with him. I believe you can drink a beer or two and still ride safely, but you shouldn't be on the bike if you're at all effected by meds or booze or emotions.

My father rode a Goldwing for many years until he was in his late 70's. Before he died at age 90, he still missed it and loved to talk about the many rides he went on around Arizona and Iowa. I think when I'm 90, I'll miss it, too.