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Riding hot...

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took my broken hand out on a couple of rides this weekend...100 degrees here in the Old Pueblo.

Time for monkey butt powder and a white beach towel for my seat...feel like I could get a Brazilian wax today and it would be less painful!  hahaha

Can't wait till all the snow birds leave town and we have the roads to ourselves!

Water Vests, gel cooled neck ties, sunscreen and water bottles are all part of our saddlebag packs here.  

What are some of the things you take for your summer trips?


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Hello JB...

I am headed to San Antonio by 5/16...leaving Tucson on 5/12...plan on doing a "tour of Texas" because I have never been and I want to see as much as I can before I meet up with my friends on the 17th.  Have to be back in Tucson by 5/21 for work on 5/22.  


I LOVE riding to Silver City...Las Cruces as well.  What do you have in mind?   I LOVE the way you pack a saddle bag!  lol


giddy up!



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Hmm -Hey 'Stang-, I 'd think Tequila,- a mixer-,limes-,5 # bag of Ice.. Solarcaine -or 4 sure Aloe Gel..and a couple of jugs of water.. Advil-and a cheap Motel w/ AC.. lined up if It's a LONG HAUL,-so to speak. Btw ,are ya'cruisin' around say-Hmm, S. Eastern Colo.- or N.Mexico way . ? just my .02 worth- been thru, prev. cut my ' teeth, ridin' them Rockies too- Be kewl &Bsafe.. just JB...