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Physical appearance information

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If you have read my prophile,you will have read that I am OUTSPOKEN to a fault.

I am BRUTALLY honest as well. If there is something that bothers me I spit it out,easy as that.

Well....something IS bothering me so I'm going to let it go and if it offends anyone then I'll ASSume that you are one of the ones that are guilty of it. So here it goes.......

                                 YOUR PROPHILE

        Physical Appearance: VERY GOOD LOOKING


WHOA!   What a turn on that is to read that you think so highly of yourself.

Yes, SOME of you are VERY good looking. SOME of you are GOOD looking and SOME of you may even be HOT.

HOWEVER, I REALLY MUST SAY that I would find it MUCH MORE appealing to let the viewers decide for themselves whether you ARE or you are NOT any of the above.

Talk about VAIN. OMG ! Who taught you your manners?

Now, it's not up to me what YOU write about YOURSELF. It's NOT EVEN MY business. Feel free to pump yourself up all you want to on your prophile. I know that there are MANY women that will respond anyway. That's up to them.

I'm just telling you that if you have that information listed on your prophile PLEASE don't bother contacting me.  I am VERY polite and feel it neccessary to respond to every reponse/wink/etc that I receive.

  You will just be waisting BOTH of our time by responding to my prophile, as I can tell an awful lot about a MAN? by the way he speaks of himself and I would consider THAT a HUMUNGOUS turn off ! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you GENTLEMEN that answered the ? with "YOU decide !