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Over the Hill Widow and Hating it.

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It is pure hell to be over the hell and widowed when you think your going to be gone 20 years before your spouse.  He was 16 years younger than me so I had no doubts I would ride that Harley with him until I died.  Well when he decided to leave this world nobody would have thought he would have taken hisown life.  But, he did.  Now that he is gone I am floundering to find a new way of life.  Being over the hill is hard enough but without him it's a heck of a lot harder.  I am trying to find someone to be my biker buddy and ride with them.  The only problem I have is men don't want just someone to ride with on the Harley they want more.  I don't have a problem with more if it's a match but most of the time it's not a match.  It's just ride and ride.  Not happening.  Not looking for that.  Too old to want the fun life.  I never had it got married and had kids and went through loosing a son and 2 divorces and now this.  I want a love of my life relationship and someone to spend my time riding with and sharing and having fun together.  It's the impossible situation. 

It's hard to find chemistry as you get older.  I think half of my chemistry is gone or is it the other half I'm looking for hs lost theirs?  Either way one of us has a problem lol.

Now I am going to try ball room dancing and meeting my partner this week.  Nothing more than dancing he says.  How can you be a lady who loves to ride Harley's and Ball room dance.  Kind of feels strange to me but we'll see.  Updates later on this whole weird experience I'm having. 

Anyone out there who is clean, fun loving, enjoys riding, and likes a lady who drinks Bud Lite as a partner.  Email me.

Hope you have a great ride!

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You guys are silly.  Yes that's exactly what I do and men know I only want to ride with them.  Nothing more will pay for my meals and pay for gas etc.  I only want to be friends nothing more. 

If love happens again so be it if not it's not the end of the world. I was lucky before and when/if God sees fit it will happen again. 

Thanks guys you are a trip.  it feels good to have someone give you advice that they feel will help you instead of criticism.

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LMAO Demo!
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*makes mental note to scratch blait off the ride invite list*

hahaha kidding in case ya cant tell. :-P
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LOL I'm from the old school and I am well aware what they will try.  Not going there.  I like me.  I am not needy just lonesome.   Have a friend of mine who is a police officer would love to spend more time with me but he's married and he's been trying for 9 years.  Guess that's a little while and he still gets a NO.

Thanks Demo. 

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Again..ditto what Demo says...I have ridden backseat for years & have no problem. I make it understood that a ride is only a ride. I will offer to pay for gas, buy their lunch for taking me riding, whatever..but in all the years I have ridden, I have only dated 1 guy that I rode with. The rest were just friends & as glad to have the company as I was to have the ride. As long as you make it understood up front, there shouldn't be an issue.
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I found the easy way to find people, is to stop looking. be and look confident, dont be too strong or easy, and dont settle for what you really didnt want. make sure your friends know your only going for the ride, and nothing more. guys are guys, they will try.