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Just wondering...

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I am not new to the wide world of internet dating sites...but is this really a dating site?

I wanted to meet single men, who love riding as much as me and hopefully build from a strong friendship into something more...

So far, have been "looked at by a ton of women"  (I LIKE MEN AS STATED ON MY PROFILE), been emailed by at least 4 guys who do not even OWN a motorcycle...WHAT is up with that?, met and rode with one guy, had a great time but never heard from him again...I AM ASSUMING that he IS/WAS married...ugh.

I sprung for the full membership, thinking that it would give me an edge here but that has not been the case.   Does anyone have similiar stories?   Just wondering if I should term my membership.



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Hey, I got onto this site as i would like a riding partner/company who would appreciate being on a harley & go out * enjoy the ride & if something developed from that great, Im in AU & have met a couple of very nice women, Tried a different internet dating site earlier what a disaster!! players, wack jobs, & emotionally challenged to say the least. good luck with your search im sure someone will come by to brighten up your day

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Yes... it is not easy to find what we want, or perhaps satisfying the needs of what others want!
I am a through and through biker, perhaps slightly extreme, but there are no takers to fit the glove as so to speak. It would seem to me that in most cases potential partners want their cake and eat it too. They love the bike, love the ride but are not willing to try real adventures with real risks.
The moment it rains, or drops below a comfort temperature it becomes a race to get home as soon as possible - to what are the comforts they really want! (Home,TV, Pet and in most cases debt.)
I know that it is only me, perhaps one of the few where motorcycling has been my life for over 40 years accross some of the world. (Africa and Europe are both big places - and to do this in detail alone is a life's journey.
For me  being a serious biker is about giving up all of the past to live the future. It means flexibility, minimal possessions (25kg), limited residential abodes, no debts and stacks of cash.
It has been the best thing I have ever done, because quite frankly tomorrow does not matter - at least for me, and plan A is no plan.

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now that you mention , i need to go back there...just stoped in to see whats not happening on

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hahaha junnie is such a trouble maker...hahaha and she helped make this site more interesting, back in its hayday. (hi

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Hello ladies I am a guy and I am new to this site I do have a couple of bikes and I do like to ride would be nice to find a lady who enjoys riding as much as I do. (Gotta love the Bike Life)

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Thanks for the feedback Junie!  wishing you all the best!

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BK has really gone down hill. it was a really active site and geat community. both mmen and women meeting and joining on here and in their own lives to make a really lively community and everyone looking after each other's backs. But BK just wanted to find more and more ways of taking money out of people, blocked blogs and posts it did not agree with. It removed links to charities for kids and support for injured vets etc. and was a real pain in the arse. So many left and moved to other sites


as for females looking up your profile. do not get paranoid most people have a look at a newbie and what their profile says. gives a bit of background and helps if they answer or reply to a post. amd men will angle ay anything. They never read the signs.


Good luck.


Just pooped in as had  an email from BK trying to angle me back. Sorry BK you failed again.

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Hiya from the UK.. yep i agree pretty dissapionted that there are guys on here that dont ride. I thought that was the point.

This on line stuff is very restrictive n tricky to judge, how ever it does make you wonder if the guys actually want to meet some one..

I think a pretty, petite pillion who states clearly "i want sex" is about as open minded as they can get (oops not getting any brownie points of the guys with that one!!) lol..  On a serious note it does beg the question  What is the point of being on here? 

Maybe some of the guys could offer a male perspective! They are apparently from Mars xx

Ps.. i cant spell and dont know where the checker is.. :)


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I hope this isn't the case, since I just joined on. Only reason really is just by putting up a profile the site doesn't allow me to go further without paying of course. Though I have heard good things about this site from a male member suggesting I join...

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Hey Rose...THANK YOU for confirming what I have been thinking.  I will cancel my membership at the end of this month and just go back to BON.  sigh.

Any time you are out in AZ and want to ride, let me know. 

Be safe!


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1 year ago

I am having the same issues.  I paid for the full membership.  So far every  guy I have clicked on hasnt been on the site for over a month.  I contacted customer support to see if I was doing something wrong.  They told me to click on new members but it gives me everyone all over the US and out of US.  I just want to see who is active in my surrounding area.  I like you can have a relationship with working and your own place  and family clear across the USA.

Very disappointed.  Feel I have been played.

I no I am a women.  Not gay. Just wanted to comment on what you had to say and realize its not me.  Feel like cancelling but my as well do out the month.

I have only go two responces.  One from TN and one from NJ.  I live in PA.

Good luck to you.  It is tough out here.



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Ok..something hokey is going on...I posted on this late last night.  ITS GONE today, then I get an email message telling me about my own post, but my comments are gone.   WHAT IS GOING ON????  grrrr!