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How to make gulf coast rain

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Although this has little to do with riding I find the circumstances too funny to pass up.  Every time I take my bike out it seems to rain and I think I have figured out why - MissyLynn


How to make it rain in TX :


Predict rain for two weeks - not a drop


Pray for rain = drier than a bone and lawn catches on fire (oh yes this happened to me)


Water lawn to save it = not a cloud in the sky for a month


Have yard boy wax all cars at office = gets cloudly, thunders - then nothing.  Kind of like a man all talk and no show.


Neighbors go on vacation = light rain two days


Wax VP's special "benz" = hail no rain


Send yardboy to detail and wax all trucks in shop yard - rain just enough to ruin work and piss off customers.


Hang laundry on line =  rain only enough to keep clothes from drying


Buy new harley and ride it home - rain enough to ruin detail job.


Wear white to work = light rain during commute


Hang laundry on line +  ride new harley to work while wearing white = DOWNPOUR of biblical proportions.  This in addition to be pelted by the rain and being wolf whistled at by every trucker on 529.  Thank goodness I have great legs in now see through clothing.


Moral of the story - never wear white on your harley - Missy Lynn.

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1 year ago

allways take the one less travelled

you will see the difference

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A box of rocks? My favorite saying. And I understand you sentiments about your mother. I have one just like her it sounds. God bless their souls, they mean for good things, but they just do not understand people like us. And thank god for that!

Fraom a hillbilly in West Virginia.

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Stardate: July 19, 2011

I sit here are the great marble slab that seems to engulf my entire dining room.  My ears have just been removed after yet another family discussion long distance call with my mother.  These discussions generally do not happen often, but when they do - I know people can feel the earth shake three counties away from my mother's opinion of the world as we know it.

One of my favorite discussions recently regarded my cousin.  Bless his heart, I swear that boy is either crooked as a baptist preacher or has less intelligence than a box of rocks.   My mother, the once peace loving aging hippie has discovered some new life skills in her old ago - mainly nagging, complaining and gossiping - probably in that order.  She refers to it and becoming a southern woman - i just think she got too fat to wear her rather scary bellbottoms. and now she is stuck in 1950's gingham and donna reed mode.

And I sit here wondering - where did I go wrong or was it right.  If i had two children who were in there 30's and still had not given her grandchildren - would I be this enbittered too? Then I think no - my mother scares people for a living and has defied death more times than escape artist.  I think she is negative because she actually enjoys tormenting me.

I know my apple fell from the family tree but I think it kept rolling and rolling and rolling.  And now instead of being the picture of a perfect southern woman I have a tattoo and a motorcycle. 

So what is the point of this aimless rant - I am not sure myself.  But here I stand where two roads have diverged in the woods.  Do I take the one less traveled and will it make all the difference.