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Well How the Mighty have fallen?
I was with BK a few years ago when it was up and running and active and a 24/7 live wire. Now everyone has gone. BK did it to themselves by pissing everyone off and being more and more petty and trying to find more ways of taking money out of you while giving you less. Till all went. I don't believe a post I put up in October "Aunty Mabel" is still high at the top with just 26 viewed it. It should have been on the backpage by now.


Of BK's own making - but still tragic.


Here's a picture of my favorite pirate. Unlike these pirates.

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I havent been around to see what kind of shit they r doing but I wanted to stoppin and say HI..Hope all is well and Happy New Year!

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I agree BK brought it up on themselves.
Good to see you Demo,Junie, Just.
Have a safe and happy holidays.
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What happened to BK is BK's own doing. After two of my Blog entries were not posted, I decided not to waste the effort. I [on rare occasions] will look around here, but it's not what it use to be.
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yah i hope her friends dont mind her posting there pictures randomly...
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hahaha yah its sad to remember the good years, and then see how much worse it is now. like you said, they did it to themself, and im only here now to see what trouble your
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Yea. I find I am known worldwide. .I think the words "Biggest Biker Blogs" should be done under the Trade Descriptions Act. Did it to themselves. GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY.

Nice girls from Monica. R we having a sale?
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hey!...peeking in, now and then.

( and...the snow is back...)

really p*ssed me off...finding profile on a hundred knock off sites!