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9/11 Flight 93 Memorial Ride

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I'm starting this blog to get support and ideas for a fundraising event this year to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  All ideas and support are welcome.  I hope to get some area bikers involved to increase ridership for the event.  There are probably alot of you out there who have done motorcycle fundraising events, but for me this is a first.  I've ridden out to the Flight 93 Memorial every year for the last 3 years and last year I had this "crazy" idea when I was riding home. 


For anybody who has never been to the Memorial I can tell you it is has quite an impact on you.  From the minute I turn off of Route 30 and head towards the crash site it is so humbling that I just cannot describe the heaviness and the pride that I feel.  This was a place where true American heroes were born.  Every day folks who reacted to a terrible situation and gave their lives in the process.  If you are a conspiracy theorist PLEASE do not use this forum to express those ideas.  Take them somewhere else........


Well, through my visits to the Flight 93 Memorial the "Memorial Ride" has been born.  I couldn't think of a better way to honor the memory of the Flight 93 heroes than to raise funds for our returning veterans who have sacrificed so much of themselves for the USA. 

I'll be posting details for the ride for any and all who are interested in joining us.  I encourage your posts and ideas to help make my event a great success.  Thanks for posting and welcome!