• How to Plan a Cheap And Even Free Motorcycle Touring Posted by Admin

    It can be said that motorcycle traveling is the most popular event for single bikers. However, not all motorcycle riders can afford such expensive cost. In fact, here are some special and useful ways that can help motorcycle enthusiasts to achieve their dream of a free or a cheap motorcycle touring. Maybe it seems difficult, but get yourself a free motorcycle touring can be achieved indeed. Just take the advice below and have a try.

    1. Search a free motorcycle
    You may feel curious about where to find a free motorcycle. Of course, we have to pay for the bill if we want to buy a new one. My way is that you should go to the motorcycle waste recycling center to search for a cheap motorcycle. Then try to clean it up in your home and reassemble it with your own hands. Please note that this way needs you to master the technique of repairing motorcycle for the first. If you can’t, you may ask others for help.

    2. Tell your friends
    You might as well tell your true conditions to your friends. Maybe they will give you some reusable essentials which had been used in their past motorcycle trips, such as the sleeping bag or camping tent. Then, you don’t need to buy those things any more. This is the most convenient and easiest way to reduce the cost.

    3. Exchange with others on the internet
    There must be some useless goods in your home. However, those goods may be useful for other people. So why not exchange things with other bikers to get the motorcycle touring essentials that you need? The best and quickest way is showing your goods on the free exchange website. You can’t deny that it is a very smart way to make full use of your resources.

    4. Carry with small cans for cooking
    There is no doubt that eating in the restaurant during your motorcycle journey is very expensive for bikers with a tight budget. Moreover, it is possible that you can’t find a restaurant when you are at a remote area. So, you need to carry small cans with you, which can help you enjoy a wonderful picnic in the wild. Due to that you can’t carry a big rice cooker or too many other things with you, small cans must be the most suitable one.

    5. Find more like-minded bikers together
    You can search for other biker singles on the biker dating sites to travel with you together. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. This way, you can share the necessities that you lack with your riding partners. In the same way, you may have the things that they need. Furthermore, you can take good care of each other during the motorcycle touring.

    6. Remember to help passengers
    When you meet some other motorcyclists who need help on the road, you should try your best to help them. Sometimes, you will get unexpected rewards, such as free foods, free accommodations and so on. Admit it or not, helping other biker on the road will not only improve your soul quality, but also help you to cut down expenses.

    Now, it's time to find your complementary biker partners on the dating sites for single bikers to share an exciting motorcycle dating together.

  • How to Take a Passenger Rider on Your Motorcycle? Posted by Admin

    There is a lot of fun when riding with a passenger on the motorcycle, but you need to be aware of some problems related to this kind of couple riding. Once you carry a passenger on the back of your motorcycle, you have to take on the responsibility of the life of another biker man or biker woman.

    To have a nice and comfortable motorcycling trip with a passenger, you need to make an appropriate adjustment with your motorcycle. You have to understand that when the weight changes, the center of gravity will shift, and braking will also be affected. In addition, trust is also essential. Both of you and your biker partner need to believe that you have enough riding skills of carrying a passenger and believe you can be qualified for this role. Perhaps, you will encounter such a situation that a passenger asks whether you have a motorcycle riding license? Have you ever carried someone? Should I believe you when sitting on your motorcycle backseat? Are we both safe?

    In the US today, there are 20 states having universal mandatory helmet laws, and almost every motorcycle rider and passenger has their own safety gear. So you may see the bikers and passengers making a lot of different levels of preparation before start riding, especially in the motorcycle races. Different bikers have different risk tolerance and different definition of personal responsibility, here are some basic safe riding ways when carrying a passenger below.

    Communication is very important between bikers and passengers. If your passenger is new to motorcycling, you need to tell her or him something about your motorcycle and your riding style, for instance, where to place his (or her) feet, how to get on and get off the motorcycle, and how to sit on the backseat.
    Wearing protective gear is the basic factor of safe riding. You have the right to take adventures at the risk of your own life, but you have no rights to recklessly endanger other person’s, even if your passenger tells you she (or he) doesn’t care about any dangers. Just for fun. But you also should prepare basic protective gear for her (or him) to ensure safety.

    At last, check your motorcycle before riding. Safety is the precondition of seeking pleasures and excitements. Compared to riding alone, it is a little more dangerous when carrying a passenger on the backseat, but it can get double fun and double happiness. So riding with a passenger is an important part of biker’s lifestyle, which is also a way to meet and date local biker who love riding motorcycles at the same time.

    If you are still riding alone, you can try to carry a passenger on your backseat, which is another joy. Of course, if you are looking for love with a biker, this is also a good way which can not only save time but also can save money.

  • Tips for Women Who are Ready to Date a Biker Man Posted by Admin

    There are many articles or magazines about some skills of dating a single biker woman. However, biker women cannot find much related information that can help motorcycle girl to date a biker man. So if you are a biker girl and want to have a biker dating with a man, you may feel perplexed. Please don’t worry about that, because here are some suggestions to help you figure it out.

    1. Actively communicate with each other
    Research shows that most of biker guys hope to find an outgoing biker girlfriend. So you would better not always keep silence or quiet. You should show your passion and improve your self-esteem at the same time. It does not mean that you have to deliberately pander to your biker boy. You just need to find and participate in the right talking topic actively. Otherwise, your biker date will be troubled with the embarrass atmosphere, which is bad for your dating. In the same way, when you find your biker date is not very lively, you might as well tell some jokes and spread your happy and exciting mood to him. Then I have enough reasons to believe that he will fall in love with you soon.

    2.Improve your self-confidence
    Before the first biker dating, some of motorcycle girls are always worried about that their motorcycle men would not like their personalities. In fact, you should feel better about your body and keep confidence about yourself. Because the most important thing for biker men are your good character or temper. If you love your motorcycle boy indeed and want to develop a relationship with him, just give him a perfect first impression. Despite of this, you should not pretend yourself but show the real you, which can avoid many unnecessary troubles in the future. After all, we have to spend time to have a deep understand about a biker. So, don’t waste time to confuse your biker man.

    3.Attract your biker boy's eyes
    As far as we know, the eyes like the door of one’s heart. So, if you hope to catch your biker man’s heart, you have to attract his eyes at the very start. When you are dating with him, you can’t keep your eyes looking in all directions, because it’s not polite in any case. You should stare at him until he is willing to look into your eyes as well. Sometimes, the emotion electricity between each other will be promoted inadvertently. Besides, it is good for you to build and guard your love after you becoming the only person in his eyes. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep a positive biker dating attitude, for example, when you find your Harley man is looking at other women, you don’t need to be angry with him. Because, you have more time to change him.

    As a single biker girl, you need to keep your patience and promote good habits which is the secret to win your biker man in your first biker dating. Please feel free to get more dating tips and skills on biker dating sites.

  • 4 Dating Rules You Should Follow When You are Dating a Motorcycle Girl or Man Posted by Admin

    If you are a biker single, then dating another local biker can seem like to achieve a win-win situation untimately and it absolutely can be. However, there are some potential weaknesses that you need to consider before you start dating someone in a group riding or in a motorcycle activity.

    Rule #1: Riding together
    It is absolutely one of the biggest potential positive factor of dating a local biker single. If you two are recreational bikers who can ride motorcycle accompanying with each other, then you can ride out to spend every weekend together, or practice riding skills, or go to a motorcycling tour, or take part in motorcycle rallies and events, and do other activities that related to motorcycle riding. Similarly, if you are both interested in participating in various motorcycle riding races, you two can train and win the race together.

    Rule #2: Have the same motorcycling goals
    Usually, except for the motorcycles, there are other associations that related to the same goals and similar interest between two bikers who are in love. If you are a committed biker who hopes to climb the ranks, then the best potential biker partner for you will be possible to have similar dreams. Thus, you will better understand each other and give supports to each other. There is a positive impact on many biker couples who are enthusiastic about motorcycle races. In fact that any biker couple who has the same goals can find this kind of synergy.

    Rule #3: Don't always mention your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend
    When establishing relationship with a biker, riding motorcycle is one of the most usual ways to go on a romantic date. For motorcycle riders, if you stop dating with them, they still will keep riding on the road, even if they always ride alone. And there may be an awkward situation that a biker single that you dated before, is probably going to meet another biker that might be your friend, teammate, or competitor. After all, the circle of bikers is small. Since you set foot into this field, you need to open your heart and receive this fact.

    Rule #4: Choose a right way and right platform
    As the saying goes, well begun is half done. It is important to choose the right way and a right platform to look for local attractive biker singles. If you want to find a right biker match as soon as possible, online biker dating website absolutely is a good place for biker singles to meet and date local motorcycle enthusiasts. Not only because there are a lot of single motorcycle riders and many search features that could give you more chances to hook up with other bikers, but also because you can save more money and times.

    Follow these biker dating guidance, and you will find out a proper local biker single to ride together soon.

  • Dating a Biker Can Be Easier With the Increasing Number of Biker Women Posted by Admin

    In the past, there was a stigma that only men could ride motorcycles on the street and women were supposed to be at home cooking and washing. You could hardly see a woman riding motorcycles anywhere in the world, but recent years witness an increasing number of women starting to control their own lives and to realize their dreams of riding a motorcycle on the open road. Biker women also have the right to feel the powerful machine under their feet and enjoy the freedom in the wind.

    Actually, it is a great news for male bikers who are looking for a biker girlfriend. It is a fact that single biker men can hardly find a perfect match that can understand them and their biker lifestyle. With more and more biker women in the world, it is easy and simple for biker men to date a female rider who share the same biker lifestyle and similar interest with them. Believe it or not, bikers are the only perfect match for motorcycle riders.

    For women who want to learn how to ride, here are the practical advice from experienced female riders. They always suggest other women go for it if they are interested in motorcycling and don’t let anyone put you off for reasons that women are not supposed to ride or other absurd words. Once women decide to ride their own motorcycles, take a formal course first. Don’t try to save money and ask other bikers to teach you. They can teach you how to ride, but there are many more things about motorcycling that they cannot show you systematically. As for what motorcycle to ride, a used one is better than a new one, which will help biker women better fit the bike. Riding is all about yourself and just ride the type of bike that you like and you feel comfortable with. Buy yourself a set of riding gear to protect yourself from falling down and bruise. Anyway, getting your confidence and riding at your own pace is really important. But don’t try to think about that you need to prove anything to anyone. You don’t have to go fast, you don’t have to keep up with the riders in front of you.

    Some biker women are too strong and independent, while some are mid-aged women who start to ride after they are divorced. It will be difficult for ordinary men to hold them. So, if they want to have a riding partner or want to date a single biker man, most of them will choose to find biker matches on biker dating sites where have thousands of single biker men from all over the world. It won’t take long to meet up with a perfect biker who can ride with you to whatever you want to go.

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