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    It can be said that biker men are not willing to give up riding when it rains. But unfortunately, sometimes they have to. However, it is possible to ride in the rain and wind depending on the experience, skill, preparation and risk tolerance. Actually, riding in the rain can be a whole new subset of skills as long as bikers can take a try. Biker guys just need to accept it and see it as a challenge. Sooner or later, you will love to ride in the rain and wind.

    Covering up
    All bikers will agree on the value of a full-face helmet in a rainy day. Raindrops sting at speed, and things will be blew into the face by storm winds. Suitable clothing can be also vital when riding in the rain and wind. Prepare yourself rain suits that work well for lighter rain. Make sure your rain gear can help you better fight the constant winds that want to flow in and around the suit. Wearing a base layer that insulates when getting wet. Biker men may know that getting wet will make themselves uncomfortable, which will make them distracted.

    Vision and visibility
    Riding in the rain, it is a big issue that biker men cannot see things due to the rain drops on the helmet shield and the fog inside. In place of wipers, Rain-X can help on the outside of the shield and anti-fog can help on the inside. Yellow or orange lenses eyewear can help biker men see things clearly. Wear hi-visibility colors to help others to identify you as a human when falling on the road.

    Motorcycle riders all know that the wet road in a rainy day can make it hard to drive well. Naturally, lower speed and move carefully on wet roads are the principle to ride well in the rain. Keep yourself relaxed and ride as usual. Accelerate smoothly and progressively use the brakes. The sipes and the cut in the treads need to be deep enough. Replace ordinary tires to rain-oriented street tires that have more sipes.

    When raining, the motorcycle will be like a little sail in the wind. Lighter bikes are easy to side winds. If leaning into a crosswind, bikers need to just stay upright. Some experienced riders know that riding parallelly with cars or larger vehicles can block the extreme crosswinds. But be careful not to ride in the driver’s blind spot.

    For those biker men who want to ride in the rain and wind, they should find out more riding tips online and try it again and again. Your rain riding experience is up to you. However, if you find that you are in a situation you feel it is hard to handle, just be relaxed and pull over quickly.

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