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    Plan a two-week motorcycle touring with a bunch of friends or with your biker girl and accomplish it, which will be the best decision and memory that you will have in your life. You can take the smallest roads through the smallest picturesque towns, camp most of the way and see the country from a totally different and amazed angle. Of course, the best part of this motorcycle trip is not the places that you ride to, but the freedom and the feelings on the road.

    How to get a bike
    Of course, bikers will be safest and the most comfortable on their own motorcycles. However, it is possible that their bikes may be not the right type for the motorcycle traveling. Thus, hiring one from a bike rental company is the best choice. If you are planning to ride on big open highways, a cruiser may be the first choice, and a nimbler sportbike is suitable for twisty roads. When you are renting motorcycles, remember to inform the company your skills level and where you are planning to go. A motorcycle that you can’t handle or one that is wrong for the terrain will imperfect your motorcycle trip.

    What to pack
    The principle is to keep your luggage to the minimum. A bike can load as many as stuff as you can imagine, but you will have to unpack and repack all of it every day. So, just make sure that you have bring all the necessary stuff that you need on the road, including good maps, warm clothes, water, rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen, earplugs, phone and charger, extra socks, flashlight, aspirin, basic camping gear if you plan to camp. Of course, there are other things you can bring depending on your own needs.

    Where to stay for the night
    Actually, camping has been more and more popular among bikers who are on motorcycle touring, which allows great flexibility in terms of the route, schedule and budget. There are cheap and free camping sites along the riding route, and you can also stop anywhere you find s pretty spot, then set up your tent and get up early for the next riding day at sunrise. If you are dating a biker girl, camping can be the most romantic dating for you. Besides, motels are also available at most of the well-known motorcycle routes.

    Tips for making it a great trip
    Keeping a positive attitude is the key. When things go wrong, even the most optimistic biker will get upset. So, try your best to keep yourself warm, dry, well-rested, fueled up, not lost and not ride beyond your skill level. Establish plans with every bike friend in your group or with your biker girlfriend about things that you should do when you get separated. Mark the meeting places on the map. Try not to ride too fast in case some slower riders will be easily left behind. If you are riding with your biker woman, just ride with her all the time, making it a date with a biker, not a race.

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