How to Plan a Cheap And Even Free Motorcycle Touring

Posted by Admin on Nov 30, 2015

It can be said that motorcycle traveling is the most popular event for single bikers. However, not all motorcycle riders can afford such expensive cost. In fact, here are some special and useful ways that can help motorcycle enthusiasts to achieve their dream of a free or a cheap motorcycle touring. Maybe it seems difficult, but get yourself a free motorcycle touring can be achieved indeed. Just take the advice below and have a try.

1. Search a free motorcycle
You may feel curious about where to find a free motorcycle. Of course, we have to pay for the bill if we want to buy a new one. My way is that you should go to the motorcycle waste recycling center to search for a cheap motorcycle. Then try to clean it up in your home and reassemble it with your own hands. Please note that this way needs you to master the technique of repairing motorcycle for the first. If you can’t, you may ask others for help.

2. Tell your friends
You might as well tell your true conditions to your friends. Maybe they will give you some reusable essentials which had been used in their past motorcycle trips, such as the sleeping bag or camping tent. Then, you don’t need to buy those things any more. This is the most convenient and easiest way to reduce the cost.

3. Exchange with others on the internet
There must be some useless goods in your home. However, those goods may be useful for other people. So why not exchange things with other bikers to get the motorcycle touring essentials that you need? The best and quickest way is showing your goods on the free exchange website. You can’t deny that it is a very smart way to make full use of your resources.

4. Carry with small cans for cooking
There is no doubt that eating in the restaurant during your motorcycle journey is very expensive for bikers with a tight budget. Moreover, it is possible that you can’t find a restaurant when you are at a remote area. So, you need to carry small cans with you, which can help you enjoy a wonderful picnic in the wild. Due to that you can’t carry a big rice cooker or too many other things with you, small cans must be the most suitable one.

5. Find more like-minded bikers together
You can search for other biker singles on the biker dating sites to travel with you together. As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. This way, you can share the necessities that you lack with your riding partners. In the same way, you may have the things that they need. Furthermore, you can take good care of each other during the motorcycle touring.

6. Remember to help passengers
When you meet some other motorcyclists who need help on the road, you should try your best to help them. Sometimes, you will get unexpected rewards, such as free foods, free accommodations and so on. Admit it or not, helping other biker on the road will not only improve your soul quality, but also help you to cut down expenses.

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