we have found and gained unconditional love within each other

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dcct42, Sycamore, IL, United States
I Stephanie dcct42 and John blueheritage05 I believe are who have met and have fallen in love....our lives run parallel and our hurts and losses many, but we have found and gained unconditional love within each other. We'd have to actually interview in person I think to get the real true story, our devotion, appreciation, love and understanding we both share and give to each other we only hope many can find as well. Never before have either of us felt and dreamt that our true partner in life and soulmate on all levels actually exsist....but it does, and having hope daily as we go through living our daily lives, we have been blessed with the gift of each other, strength, hope, love, eternal devotion and nothing for granted in our relationship. If this is what true love feels like....so be it...it's all good!