found my match on your site...... thanks.

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SWORNTOFUN, Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada
we exchanged approx. 10 or so emails then decided to meet in person since we already had some mutual friends in the biking community. We decided to meet about 2 weeks after first making contact via the internet but I couldn't make it down the day of our set meeting so Melanie drove up to my residence in Wasaga Beach for our first meeting. We liked each other almost immediately and found we had a number of things in common. The next weekend I went to visit Melanie at her residence in Guelph and we planned a last biker run together to Friday 13th in Port Dover. Although we are still in the "getting to know one another phase" we seem to have an incredible connection and we spend most of our free time together now. I've suggested your site to some of the other singles I know now. There are no immediate plans for marriage at this point as we've both been married in the past and will take things slow in that department.