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WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I found my soul mate

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pppony and genuinehdlady , Millbrook, United States

It is hard 2 beleive that i have found the woman of my dreams!! I had realy givin up any hope of ever finding her, i had resigned ,my-self 2 just having shallow relationships, u know that fly by night stuff.Well let me tell u she has the biggest heart, totaly understands me can ride like the wind she has a spirit 5that won't quit, she embraces that little boy in me as well as the bad boy.There is just 2 much 2 list GOD brought her 2 me in the nick of time & i am totaly in love with her & she feels the same 4 me.I wanna thank B.K. for being there & i want 2 thank all those wonderful people who winked & wrote 2 me,anyway have the best life & ride safe.

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