Thank you for helping me find someone!

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We only corresponded for a week before we met, he was coming down to where I lived for work, so we met for a half hour lunch, in a layby. he came from my home town near London and I was living in somerset, we found we had something in common. I went to school with his sister and he knew my brother from years ago. my partner had lived in dorset for a few years and hadn't seen my brother for a while, the next time we met was a couple of weeks later at my brothers 40th birthday which we had both been invited to seperately, we hit it off and had a long distance relationship for 3 and a half years before I got divorced and moved back to london and in with my partner.

Whether it was the connections we had i don't know but we hit it off almost instantly, we have a love of bikes, and cars. we enjoy going out for rides with our friends and just being in each others company. the ony thing we argue over (which isn't bad) is our kids, his two boys and my son and daughter, but that isn't that often and only when the kids are giving us grief and that is getting less and less since they are all working now.

Thank you again for introducing me to some one i have a lot of love for and great fun with. he was 113 miles away and 2 hours drive but we worked through that and made it work till my daughter left school and i could leave and get a divorce.

yours chelseagirl555