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Bi*******rs and Yamaha!, Pueblo, CO, United States
Riding has always been fun. Being caught on a bike, as a kid, was a week of being grounded in HS. Being busted was my biggest fear.
Now that my children are grown, I want to enjoy the things I've always loved and enjoyed doing.
BK has given me so many opportunities to meet people with the same interests. I've chatted with people from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and all over the great USA! I love all the friends I've made! Just because of BK, I've traveled through the most beautiful country in the world and met so many dear friends along the way. I'm sincerely grateful for the fun BK has offered. Wish I could report a 'coupling', but I'm just enjoying life right now and BK has been my instrument to get moving and experience my passion to the fullest! I'm a rider myself now, but still love hanging on. Being a passenger is a good thing.
BikerKiss is a great site for finding friends and giving you the 'spunk' to go for it and follow your desires.