Love @ first sight

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TWO_AXES, Aurora, IL, United States
Well lets see my new honey talked to me for about a week or so. She wasn't a member & send me a bunch of e-mails & wasn't sure if I was getting them or not. So she joined & all the mess. went through in one day ! That day we chatted on the phone for about 2 hr's or so .I was getting ready to leave town for a week or so. We wouldn't get to meet for about another week . Got back from a great trip to Florida to hang w/ my Mom & Family & called Brandy & we set up a date to meet for a drink.As soon as she opened up the door ( we had both come to find out that we were both hooked ) Kinda of ,well you know the saying Love @ first sight !!!!! Silly I know but shit happens ! She turned out to be everything I ever wanted in a woman & then some .We are actually palnning on moving in toeghter very soon ! Then there's a Vegas trip next July & who knows where & what rd. that will lead us down ! Sooooooooo if you guys would care to help make our wedding dreams come true you can help with a beautiful out door Native American Biker Party... Wedding !!! Your site made us both Very Very Happy ..Thanks Richie & Brandy