It is a great site to meet folks.

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Vu**********af, Rockwall, TX, United States
Well I'm surprised your surprised. It is a great site to meet folks. I really do like it. I have met several throughout the world and made some good friends here (females). The gal I have been blessed enough to have this relationship with and myself have not yet met in person but will be soon. I've been on several other sites (not biker sites) and come up short. On this site it was not long and Gia and I hit it off very quickly. It actually started out as a joviel exchange of em's that developed into a very very serious attaction and relationship. There has not been a day gone by that we have not spent hours on the i-net viewing each other and chatting via web phone. Time seems to stand still and we are very much in love with one another. We will see where it goes and if all continues as we both hope it does.