I met a man in 2004 who I married this past October.

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I love you guys, and through your site met a man in 2004 who I married this past October. When we became exclusive, I wrote to you and at every juncture, repeated how happy I was with all those I met on the site, and how happy I am in my new life.

After contacting "Hwymedic", we wrote to each other for about three weeks or so. General information, general "how-we-got-to-being-single" sort of information. We spoke about riding and what we rode, and some of the experiences we've had (I was a new rider so that was mostly his imput). But we e-mailed "listened" to each others stories. After about three weeks we exchanged cell phone numbers, and began calling each other. (He worked nights so we had to find times which were convenient to both our schedules to speak.) I was able to then hear his voice, listen to his laugh and what made him laugh, and get another sense of him while still at a safe distance. And still, only general information was revealed, and nothing about exactly where I lived nor any personal information about my children was volunteered, by both of us.

We decided to meet, and did so, on Halloween '04, a Sunday morning, for breakfast after his work day, at a diner closer to his home (further from mine). We made a breakfast date and I had other plans for the rest of the day to make exiting easier and more natural. I had plans do a "Halloween" ride with my chapter. I offered to pay for my breakfast, but he did, but I insisted and did leave the tip. A week later he met me for lunch, and a week later we met for dinner. we were respectful of each others needs to have other interests, but very quickly we were exclusive. It wasn't until the following spring that he rode to where I lived with his son to watch my daughter play soccer, and took her for a ride for ice cream afterward.

We decided to live together about three years ago, moving to a house big enough for all our children (3) and our toys (bikes-trailers-campers, etc.) to live comfortably.

We were married about three weeks ago, on Halloween, the anniversary of our meeting for the first time. We made a Halloween costume party and filled the room with family and friends. We were all in costume, even the Cantor who married us. Though many of our guest are also riders, not one of them came in leathers! (two photos are attached)

Riding is a great way to meet people, and an interest in 'being out there', alone and deliberately unconnected from the world, that must be understood and respected. But it isn't everything, and could not have been the whole basis of our relationship. (We didn't even ride together until the spring after we met, some 6 months later).