I have met someone on this website

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Th****me, Houston, TX, United States
I have met someone on this website that I am currently dating. It all started with a wink. I winked at him. Didn't get a response for a couple of weeks. Then one day he responded. He said he must have overlooked my email. We started talking thru email. He was getting ready to leave for Sturgis so I knew I wanted to meet him before he left. We exchanged phone numbers and met one Sunday afternoon. We both liked each other right away. We had drinks and talked. Before we knew it, the afternoon turned into the evening so he asked if I wanted some dinner. After dinner, it was time to go home so I knew if I wanted him to remember me while he was in Sturgis, I would have to give him a kiss he wouldn't forget. It worked! He was gone for 2 weeks but when he got home, we couldn't wait to see each other. He said he thought about me while he was away. We've been dating for a month now. We go riding every weekend. I'm so glad I took a chance and winked at him.