I did meet Mark on BikerKiss

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ts***2, Hanover, PA, United States
I did meet Mark on BikerKiss....We chatted on IM and email for 2 weeks and set a date to meet for dinner...and that was September 2008...So here we are 100 miles apart and still seeing each other. At this time due to each others children and schools we continue to see other other in a long distance relationship. However, Mark does drive to me consistently each week and we have a great quilt of love and laughter we are making together. We do thank BikerKiss for helping us find each other. It is quite remarkable how compatible we are. We laugh about it at times, we have a love of riding together and that is the reason we ended up on BikerKiss. Looking for someone that enjoys that so much, and we just happened to find out how great life can be molding everything else together. So, we learn patience for our relationship to come together, as our children get ready for life, we smile and realize, we will have each other to enjoy life with. So thank you!!

Tammy and Mark!
tsm072 and vanhelsingpa