He DID prove me wrong!

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phoenixinthewind and LA59821, Missoula, MT, United States

I put a profile on here, just to see if maybe I would meet someone great. I was tired of the BS in the bars. I was very straight up, and truely did not believe I would find what I was missing in my life on here. I invited anyone to prove me wrong. My soon to be husband came along and did just that. Bikerkiss was the best way to get to know someone. After hours upon hours of IM's, email and phone calls, we decided to meet 2 weeks later. OK, it seemed like an eternity! We spent all the time driving back and forth, and talking when we weren't asleep. It was love at first sight...like being high as a kite, but no drugs. The most honest love relationship that I've ever had. We can talk about anything, and everything. The computer helped take some of those nereves away. We decided to start the New Year's off right, and we were married on Dec. 30. 6+ months later, and no regrets. We will both admit it's hard being 2 bull-headed people, but we get better every day...and wouldn't change it for the world. It is possible, thanks to bikerkiss!