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da****42, North Bellmore, NY, United States
I started out as a new rider and recently separated mother of two after a 20+ year marriage looking for friendship and others to ride with in my new riding life.

I met lots of wonderful people at bikerKiss, had wonderful rides and was introduced into many small groups of people to ride with. I had many nice breakfasts and day rides with people whose friendships (but not more) continue today. I didn't run into any cheaters.

With Ric, we met the almost but not quite the same way. Our work schedules were reversed (he worked nights) and so we wrote for several weeks (it progressed to phone [calls-cell-to-cell]), before finally meeting on Halloween morning 2004 at a neutral (safe) place for breakfast (and no ride, as I had plans elsewhere). We had a lunch date about a week later and about a week later, a dinner date, also at a neutral mid-way restaurant. By the time we met, we had written emails at bikerkiss and spoken for over a month. We just started dating after that and slowly after that introduced our kids to each other and to our other kids. (The kids were 14-8-6 and are now 19-13-11.) We plan to wed this Halloween, since we met on that day.

And we didn't actually ride together until the following spring.

Riding is a hobby, not a life for us. It is a wonderful activity to do as a couple and as a family. We now share several other bikes, and some have sidecars to accommodate the younger kids. We share an additional dimension of our lives with others by riding, and have, as a couple, met hundreds of other couples who enhance their lives this way (on two) as well.