BikerKiss gave him to me

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evoheathen and Nicky, Coventry, CT, United States
My name is Nicky. I have ridden a bike since I was 16. It was late 04......i was alone. Just bought my first house but, it was not even close to complete as i thought it would feel. I turned to my old friggin dial up! and surfed, surfed.....too many sites, wanted too much money....blah blah. I found Bikerkiss, it took me a few weeks to finally decide to join and become a real member.

I was in between "renovations" when i got a message from this big mouthed blonde VIKING that said to me...."before I can talk to you, you must answer this question correctly" (no B/S).....he asked me "what does the sound of potato,potato,potato mean to you?" I replied something like "the sound of a finely tuned shovel/pan"....I don't remember but, matters NONE......i answered correctly! You would think I thought I hit the We bantered for WEEKS! (I still have old emails saved) Anyway, deep down he had this really soft spot (he would tell you I was full of B/S to this day).

So, I finally agreed to meet him but there was no way in HELL I was gonna show him where I lived so I agreed to go to his house! HOLY CRAP!!!! 1 & 1/2 hours I find my self in Billy-Bob land........almost in Mass.! I asked myself.....are you stupid, PUBLIC PLACE!!!!! Too late I had to pee and I was in his driveway. All I can say is I am so very glad I walked in.

We fell in love. I sold my house. I moved to Billy-Bob land to be with Evo. Trust me.....we could be TOXIC but, I had more joy and love than in my whole life. I woke up on the morning of my B-day (1/13) to make his lunch and he said to forget it because he had had chest pains from 2 am! I asked why he did not wake me! I got off the pot after piddling and walked in and said...."THAT'S IT, IM TAKING YOU" he dropped to the bed.....I did my best. (life star, 2 hospitals, EVERYTHING ) Too mush brain damage, pulled the plug and he died with my arms around him on 2/2/10 he was 47..

BikerKiss gave him to me and ANY of you that may doubt that good and loving and loyal people cant be found on this site you may be waiting precious time.