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tweetytattoo49 and snowmobilebiker, Ava, United States
This story starts with a Kiss! I joined BikerKiss looking for someone to ride with, not really believing I would meet someone, but trying just for the fun of it. I read Snowmobilebiker's profile and sent him a Biker kiss, letting him know that I was interested. He answered back he was interested too & we started e-mailing each other, finding out we had a lot in common and feeling a mutual attraction.

We got to know each other on-line & after a couple months decided to go for a ride on his new Harley. On July 31, 2010 we met at a local restaurant for coffee, sitting for 2 hrs talking & talking, just getting to know each other. That 1st ride was a trip, but we soon got the hang of riding together. It was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Thank you so much BikerKiss for the opportunity to meet a guy who loves to ride as much as I do and that's just the beginning of what we have in common. He's everything I could ask for and more. We ride every chance we can, we put 5,000 miles on his new bike in 3 months. We are still together and looking at RVs so we can take the bike and see the USA together. Thank you BikerKiss!!

Advice to other members:

Send out some Biker "Kisses" and see what happens. I made sure I met him in a public place that didn't put either of us in a compromising situation. If we decided we didin't like each other we could exit gracefully.