4ever in love

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bseatbabe and Bikerjac, Wildwood, NJ, United States
For 2 people who played around talking on and off for four months - well, who knew! Finally got our act together and met. WOW! Neither one of us wanted anything serious, just to hang out and have fun. BUT, the second date we decided it was definately love. Been a scarey roller coaster - WOW! For something to happen this fast, when niether one of us was looking for it, or really wanted it - well, couldn't have worked out any better!
Both our lives have been turned upside down! Engaged, and moving to FLorida as fast as we can. Never want to be apart again.
Definately love at first sight, and stronger than either of us has ever experienced!
Thnx Biker Kiss for getting us together!