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I'm happy to share this story.  (Dating)
di*******14, St Catharines, ON, Canada, Jun 30, 2012
I'm happy to share this story, actually I emailed him once at the beginning of my membership, he emailed me back anxious to meet. then, of course didnt hear from him for a week. naturally I thot as usual, "typical"., but he had gone on a bike run out East. so, on his return, emailed me again apologizing and wanted to meet. so on Fathers DaYwkd, we met for a bike ride., I also brought a sundress to change in to go dancing. so 10hrs later, we were crazy for each other and saw each other again on Mon and wed........ so thats the details of this story. we do live 1hr and a half away, so thats the only issue. No talk of marriage, yet, everything is going so smoothly and easy. so we will leave it that way for now. but can see it in the future..!!!yeh!yeH!! will be glad to let you know how we progress. thank you, that was so nice for your interest..

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