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XJR1300207 and Heather Tozer, Barcelona, Spain, Apr 26, 2011
We made contact on bikerkiss on the 11-9-2007 (first letter) and we decided to contact with skype.
Well we did and from that day we just new we were right for each other, yea I now its just sounded two good to be true.

Well we talked for a short time (about 2 months) And then Heather Asked me if I would like a holiday, well of coarse I said yes, but then I had no passport ups. So wat do you do if you have not got one, get one he he he he..well that tuck 1 week ? So that was it I planed a holiday in Spain! I have never flown before or been to another country SO this was a big one. Being a taxi driver in my home town of Kendal getting time off at Xmas time was not easy, but I managed to get the beginning of December off so planed a flight then to get back into Britain for the 10th of December.

I got a mate to run me to the local air port off Blackpool and I was on the plain "very nervous" . We had arranged to meet in the main Buss station in Barcelona ......... at a set time. Well I got there and on to the buss at Girona, And as I got of the buss There she was waiting for me In the distance, we met and said lots and kissed ... and that was it ......From then we planed lots Off visits (me going to Spain .........Heather coming over To Britain).

After about 10 visits back and forwards thanks to the cheap air line Ryanair. Heather asked me the biggyyyy "why don't you move over here to be with me" well that had to be thought about a lot, all off ten seconds he he he he he,so that was that I sold all I had (witch was not a lot ) and planed the big move for the new year off 2011.

Well it was going to be a bit sooner put snow stopped the planes from leaving Liverpool (3 days I was there )so it was into the new year 13-01-2010.And now I have been here for over 1 year and all is going very well ............ and as for the weather ooooowwwwww its beautiful, and the people are so friendly, the lingo is a bit hard but I am getting there slowly.

As for marrage,as I have been there before Twice, we are happy as we are for the moment. I am not saying we will not tack the plunge but not just yet.

As for some tips ----------------- well I was lucky that I met some one that was truth-full and open. I do now a few people that have been let down by this type off dating. So all i can say is "just be very care-full" and I think that the web cam did help a lot in deciding.

A very happy man indeed

Advice to other members:

Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but be carefull)

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