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Thank You "Bikerkiss".
la*********21, Troy, MI, United States, Nov 24, 2009
I saw Michael's pic and profile and sent the 1st flirt. There was chemistry right from the 1st and I really hoped I would get a response back. I did and he seemed very interested in me, too. We em?s back & forth for a couple weeks and communicated well. He gave me his phone number and we talked and continued chatting at Bikerkiss and got to know each other enough to want to meet. After a couple more weeks, he invited me to a barbeque being held at his place of work - a HD Shop. We played cat & mouse all day while he worked and I enjoyed the food and band and shopping for HD clothes, lol. Needless, to say, when everyone left and he finished locking up the shop, we had a chance to get closer and a few good smooches and it confirmed that we did have chemistry and a desire to get to know each a lot better.

That we did, and after 6 months, he proposed. Now, after 1-1/2 yrs, I am moving to "our" house and planning our wedding for spring 2010. The site gave us an opportunity to find "like" persons within our preferred distance. The profiles asked enough good questions that you are able to make a fairly good decision before you even get started. After our initial em's, the site sent em's to my regular addie whenever there was mail and can't tell you how great that was -just couldn't wait for his responses - the sooner the better. Guess what we liked the best was that the site was dedicated to riders and/or those of us who love to ride with a partner. That common interest did bring us together. Thank You "Bikerkiss". We are both happier than we could have ever imagined.


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