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Thank You BikerKiss for assisting us in finding the REAL Situation that has lead us to each other!
MaineGal723, Jul 16, 2009
I met Marc on Bikerkiss within my first 2 days of creating my profile. Everything I read in his profile was exactly what I was searching for. He responded in an email , being a preferred member and from that point we emailed 2 more times and then He asked for my Im information and we chatted for another week daily , online. The next step was giving out my cell number to him and we talked by phone daily for another week and planned our meeting. We met here in Maine for coffee and both knew and felt strongly that we desired to continue being together and building a strong and Happy relationship. I have never felt so sure about something as I have with this relationship and he also feels the same. Its been a weekend together and another is planned for this weekend also. We are riding in the Rolling Thunder Ride this weekend and have almost everything in common as far as who we are, what we desire, and where we want our lifes journey and goals to take us. One thing is for sure...We hit it off extremely well, and are Both extremely Grateful for Bikerkiss being the way we got together. THANK YOU!! Your site is awesome and the profile questions really say alot and aided us both in our search for Love. This is definately a success story in the dating department when it comes to online dating. Never were either of us misguided by photos posted or the desires we listed in our profiles that aided us in our search to find each other. Only took a couple weeks from my start to here now and I am a very HAPPY and ADORED Gal now...So is Marc!! If Marriage is in our future...I promise to write and let you know. For now we are finding ourselves extremely dedicated and having the best time together, which includes a longterm relationship commitment. A TRUE MATCH INDEED!! Thank You BikerKiss for assisting us in finding the REAL Situation that has lead us to each other! I will and have recommended your website to people and will always be proud to share my story of meeting the Man of my dreams on bikerkiss.

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