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We couldn't be happyer
colsinbusso, busselton, Western Australia, Australia, Jan 21, 2009
This is a success & a one in a millon chance to meeting the girl of my dreams . Recently i was in Canada on holidays ( im from Australia ) & after some time touring about the beautiful state of BC I thought to give the biker kiss site a check . So after sending two kiss's out & having a responts to one , well that was cool .

Over the next 3 weeks we exchanged emails & phone numbers & getting to know each other i was getting close to Vancouver & to meeting my girl , as i was still touring rather in the north of bc . So when I arrived in Vancouver we arranged to meet . Well when we met we got along with laughing & common likes & dislikes we where of to a great start , so we did a dinner out & a great night had . The days & weeks after lead into the best time ever as we rode around exploring the mountains & lakes near Vancouver . We have had days out on her horse's riding . We explored the Whisler mountains area together & had the best time ever . I have met some of her best friends witch are clearly that , i am so happy to have met someone with such fantastic , warm , & welcoming people .

So im back in Australia now & i am waiting for my girl to arrive soon & to experiance my life as i have experienced her's . so her's to biker's kiss to bring us together & helping me finding my girl , as this was a real neddle in a hay stack girl to find . We couldn't be happyer . Thanks again to biker kiss . Yours colsinbusso

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