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We met on here five years ago and have been together ever since  (Engaged)
BrownBeaver, Florence, AL, United States, Dec 27, 2011
This is not our first time on BikerKiss we met on here five years ago and have been together ever since and now want to find other couples to ride and have fun with and or a single guy who likes to ride with a couple and maybe can ride my lady's twin sister. We have a committed and devoted relationship and although we are in our 60's we love to have fun and enjoy life and do not look or act our age. She is very good looking and sexy with dark hair and the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. She is funny and smart and loves to laugh and sometimes is shy when meeting new people, but is very easy going and always happy and upbeat. She loves to dance and listen to a good band and we both enjoy a few drinks, but we do not smoke, except for the occasional cigar when we are out and about on the bike. I am grey/white hair with a mustache and small beard and blue eyes that my lady says look right through you. I am more serious, but easy to be around and especially when my lady is around as she makes me feel at ease and relaxed and keeps me happy and makes me laugh at her cute and quirky ways. We are very informal and spend most of our time in jeans and we love the motorcycle lifestyle and on weekends we are out and about on the bike, but we also look great in a formal setting and fit in easily. We can spend hours on the bike and love to ride to see the countryside, but also enjoy stopping at the biker bars for a few drinks and also enjoy the biker events, rallies, poker runs, etc. We just got a new bike and she is called "Nefertiti" and has the bling to prove she is a true queen and she treats us well and we do the same for her.

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