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Dyscrasite and BikerQueen2007, Florence, MS, United States, Feb 16, 2009
I came to BK in hopes of making friends, then BikerQueen2007 made contact with me and we started emailing and phoning.
BikerQueen2007 lived in Central IL and I lived in Central MS so we decided to meet in Farmington MO for a nice ride in the hills and get to know each other; then the airlines stayed busy flying her back and forth to MS. We talked about everything and shared our experiences with each other and became friends more so than Lovers.
BikerQueen2007 is goofy, kind, caring, sweet & Hot but more importantly became my Friend.

Dyscrasite & BikerQueen were married August 01, 2008 and we have never been happier than we are now.

Advice to other members:

Lovers are a dime a dozen but finding a Friend who you love and loves you makes life more special.

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