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PanhandleCowboy6 , Fort Walton Beach, FL, United States , Jul 11, 2016
Not a "Fox News Alert".... just the way things turned out.....
Hey, This Gal kept bugg'in me with all these "Winks" and Stuff.... What's a guy to do, So I actually "Joined" the Damn Site!
We Messaged each other on site, after about a week.... It Escalated, Now She wants to E-mail Me... says it'll be Easier that way, LOL!
So, I gave in... Sent her my E-mail, Well, That lasted about another Week.... go figure!
THEN it was... Maybe we should "Text".... She say's, It'll be Faster that way.... YEP, I gave'er my Cell #.... We Texted.... THEN, "Talked" for another Two Weeks, So Now.... I'm just waiting for the other Shoe to Drop.... It Did, LOL!
She invites me for a Meet & Drinks, I figured "What Tha Hell" She's only 70 Mi.... That's a "Walk in tha Park" Ride! Plus.... She Caught Me at a Weak Moment, LMAO!
So, Guess What I Did... You Got It, Last Friday afternoon I Rode up to "Graceville Fl." to Meet "TAMI".... Never heard of the place before, But I went there! Read Full Story>>

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SparkyOCD , Arlington, TX, United States , Apr 20, 2016
We met here and are now dating seriously. We are moving in together and going to lots of babies. Grow old together and watch our grand babies grow old. The end!!

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DRIFTER49783 and casunshinegal, HUDSON, United States , Dec 27, 2015
Marti and I met HERE on TEN years ago, she was running a county health center and I reprocessed Big Rigs for a living. One day, Marti sent me a wink, I responded, and we talked for a couple of months on line.. I decided that I would take the chance and travel to California (I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) to meet Marti in person.. I reprocessed 2 trucks and delivered them, then delivered a recycle truck to Vancouver B.C. and from there traveled the 900 miles down to California in my pickup to take her to dinner for her birthday!..With 10 minutes to spare I picked her up for dinner and we NEVER have been without each other since... I bought a rig we traveled together on the road for 3 years and then we moved here to Florida where we have been for the last 7 years...

SO folks... There IS hope for ALL of you out there no matter HOW FAR APART your soulmate may be from you, put the effort forward..
"Anything worth having, is worth working for"
<... Read Full Story>>

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shovelhead987 , Prices Branch, MO, United States , Feb 25, 2015
HI Bikerkiss, We were successfully matched on Bikerkiss in 2006 we started talking to each other for a few months. We met at a restaurant with his family which happened to be his birthday and he took me for a Harley ride after. We have been together since. We were married on October 20, 2007 we included the bike and had a Harley cake..We have been very happy these past 8 years and we owe it all to bikerkiss, We are so right for each other and we would have never met had we not joined we both love bikes he has a 75 shovelhead and I like riding..We can never thank Bikerkiss enouph so when they asked for an interview we were excited to even be considered.. Mr and Mrs. Randy Nordman New Florence Missouri aka Shovelhead987 and Cherokeejulz...

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godsgirl63 and SittingBull2000, Hackettstown, NJ, United States , Jan 15, 2014
I never expected to find the man God had for me on a biker web-site - but I did. I set up a free profile because I was curious and I met my now husband - we were truly made for each other. On our first meeting I knew (and he says he did too). I instantly felt comfortable and like I had known him all my life. He went home and told people he just met his wife. I guess it really is true that you know as soon as you meet. We waited a year and were married this past October. Thanks BikerKiss ;- )
We both knew the day we met face-to-face that this was it. I felt so comfortable, as if I had known him all my life. And he went home and told everyone he just met his wife. I guess it really is true when you hear elderly couples say that they knew the day they met they would be married. He truly is the man God had for me - we are perfect for each other ;- )

Advice to other members:

Just get out and live life. You can't meet anyone unless you are actively moving down a path that can intersect with another's. I am first a horseback rider but used to like motorcycles and suddenly bought one in order to expand my social circle. I wasn't meeting any worthy cowboys in my NE state so I decided to broaden my interests and see what would happen. Lucky for me that my husband has taken to horseback riding with me as well as the bikes - but even if he didn't - it is really nice to have a shared interest - plus he works on my bike for me ;- )