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I found him!  (Dating)
snowynight, Pennsylvania, United States, Nov 06, 2013
I found him.! First day I was on. Saw his sweet face n I decieded to take a chance with no expectations and winked at him. We started emailing. Went on a date a few weeks later. Who knows where it will go , but it looks promising ! Thanks biker kiss

On Our Way  (Other)
TexasRHRider and Collin1999, Tyler, Texas, United States, Sep 02, 2013
Someone told him to try this site. So I was on about 1 week when he found me. I was looking at 56-66 age wise. He is 55 so I would not ever have seen him.
So we are on our way with Gods help for the future, of course on his motorcycle!

Advice to other members:

If it is really meant to be, it will show up when you least expect it and will happen. But you have to take that 1st step which so many will not do!

supe2008, Port Washington, WI, United States, Jun 07, 2013
I find my match on your site. Her log in name was "Nuf
Said". She did put a different hometown down in her profile for security reasons and happened to actually use my town as "her own". This did catch my attention since it is not a very big town and I was curious to find out if I actually knew her already. I winked and then e-mailed her and we continued to communicate using your site for about a week until we got comfortable enough with each other to exchange phone numbers. During this time, I did find out that she did actually live in a different town, but was still not all that far away, so we decided to meet at a local, quiet bar that was near the half way mark between us and was familiar to both. When we met there, we talked for a few hours, but both of us were tired from work so neither of us showed much emotion which we both interpreted as lack of interest on each other's part. When we parted, we both liked each other, but thought that it was only a "one way feeling"...Howe... Read Full Story>>

vixter08, Spotswood, NJ, United States, Mar 01, 2013
I have met a wonderful man on this site and not looking to meet anyone else..We corresponded for a week before meeting....We met for dinner and conversation at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant in Howell, NJ on Feb 8th...We just clicked that night and have been together since...Too soon to even think about marriage (both of us divorced 2xs)...

Love on line  (Married)
mickuk1066, Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, Feb 28, 2013
I met my wife on bikerkiss some seven years ago,we talked online for about two months before i suggested we meet up she agreed.we spent seven to eight weeks meeting at weekends out on the bike visiting various places,although it was not love at first sight we grew ever closer and fell in love.

Some eight months later we got married it was a biker wedding all in leathers which we later found uncomfortable as it was one of the hottest days in July,but it was a wonderful time and now six years later things have not gone well we parted ,but i would like to thank bikerkiss for six great years of happiness though things went badly in the end  here i am again knowing it works online and so the search begins again.

Thanks again bikerkiss.